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Like Father, Like Son? Sorry

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“Gibbs’ observations about his first two years of fatherhood is as clever and funny a show as you’ll see at this festival. A thoroughly entertaining and hilarious show that has my highest recommenda-tion.” – Dean Jenkinson, CBC

“the improvisations, digressions, stumbles and dead-ends are as much part of the fun as his central narrative… laugh-for-laugh, Like Father (which features some of Gibbs’s darkest, most personal material to date) is as funny as any show he’s produced. Highly recommended.” – Eye Weekly, Toronto

What if he’s nothing like me? What if he’s just like me? Superman, C-sections, lying to people, horror-movie voices in the middle of the night, the regrets of a life half-lived and why talking to strangers is never easy.

A stand-up comedy show about the fears and worries of being a father and the absolute terror of wanting to be a good one.

Like Father, Like Son? Sorry premiered at the 2009 Toronto Fringe Festival, where it won Patron’s Pick. It then played to sell-out houses at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival, the 2010 Next Stage Theatre Festival, and later in the 2010 Uno Festival and at the CBC Winnipeg Comedy Festival. Then the show sold out and was held over at the Edmonton Fringe Festival. In 2011 the show garnered more rave reviews and sold-out audiences at the Calgary and Vancouver Fringe Festivals.

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