Collaborate with Performing Artists to enrich and entertain our Canadian communities as well as around the world.

Connect Performing Artists with meaningful and relevant experiences and people.

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Acting Workshops

Charity Events

Six Dynamix is committed to providing an
artist engagement experience to both artists, presenters and their communities
that is professional, friendly and rewarding for all.

Six Dynamix Agency is dedicated to:

  • Fostering and sustaining meaningful long-term relationships with Presenters and Artists.
  • Ensuring ease of collaboration.
  • Assisting Presenters to develop new audiences and enrich the experiences of current audiences.
  • Connecting its roster of Artists with diverse audiences nationally and internationally;
  • Obtaining quality performance opportunities for its Artists in performing arts centres, ¬†festivals and non-traditional venues;
  • Facilitating tours on behalf of its artists, from promoting, booking and routing to post-performance follow-up.

I welcome the chance to work with you!

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