Systematize or Automate your
dministration, Operational or I.T. Areas

  A business at rest, or
    moving at a constant speed
    in a straight line, will continue
    to do so unless acted upon
    by a dynamic force



Six Dynamix consultants have worked in high level positions in retail organizations and have extensive experience working closely with major software vendors. We have implemented many medium to large scale solutions focusing on retail “back office” systems and processes. 

Our extensive retail experience includes:

Merchandise Planning,
Inventory Management, including Integrating to E-Commerce
(bricks & mortar to clicks & mortar)
Order Management,
Account Receivable,
Accounts Payable,  including Invoice Matching, as well as
other Financial tools; just to name a few.

Testimonial from YM Inc.

"Since we had outgrown our ERP (enterprise resource planning) and Business Intelligence solutions, we had to upgrade them completely.  The mandate was broad and deep. 

Bringing in Six Dynamix to manage the change ensured its success.  With their comprehensive understanding of retail, Six Dynamix was instrumental in ensuring a seamless implementation, while simultaneously putting in place practical and effective retail processes.

Frankly, it allowed me to focus on critical business decisions, not on the details."

- Brooke Miller, VP Administration and CIO


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